Beijer Tech AB

Beijer Tech is our industrial trading operation and has been a part of the Group since 2010. The company focuses on value-generating sales – meaning products and services that strengthen customers’ overall finances, for example, by improving the outcome of a process or the quality of a product, enabling cost savings or reducing environmental impact. In recent years, the share of customized and proprietary products has increased, partly through acquisitions.

Beijer Tech in brief

Operations: Beijer Tech is a group of independent partnerships that operate under their own brands and represent leading manufacturers. Through acquisitions, the share of proprietary products has also increased. The Group operates in 15 locations in the Nordic region and is a market leader in several areas.

Business areas: Industrial Products and Fluid Technology.

Offering/range: products from leading manufacturers, primarily technical components, consumables and machinery (Industrial Products). Hoses, hose fittings, hydraulics, rubber sheeting, seals and other industrial rubber (Fluid Technology).

Customers/markets: industrial companies in surface treatment, foundries, steelworks and smelters, and offshore (Industrial Products). Industrial customers, large manufacturers (OEMs) and specialist retailers (Fluid Technology).

Competitive advantages: cutting-edge expertise in how products and services can improve the customer’s productivity. Increased share of customized products. The company’s complete range in fluid technology is also a strength.

Revenues: MSEK 997

Number of employees: 367

President: Staffan Johansson

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Staffan Johansson, President of Beijer Tech

Staffan Johansson, President of Beijer Tech:

More acquisitions in growth industries

Focus on acquisitions in new growth industries. This was the main message from Staffan Johansson, President of Beijer Tech, when he provided a status report and, above all, as he looked to the future.

What is your short-term focus?

We believe strongly in the acquisitions carried out in the areas of building automation systems and fluid technology in 2020. We want to broaden our presence in these areas even more and are actively looking for companies in these or other related industries. The environmental aspects of INU also appeal to us. The company specializes in energy savings and efficiency improvements in buildings. This is a growth industry, in which INU has also found a good nice with interesting customers.

The development of our facilities is also proceeding well. Lundgrens will move to new premises in Helsingborg in 2021. It will share the production facility with Lundgrens Norge, which will supply the Norwegian market with products such as metal hoses.

I also hope that lockdowns and working from home will soon be a thing of the past. When this happens, our sales representatives will be able to start visiting customers at their sites again and give them the technical support we are so good at providing.

What strengths and areas for improvement have you taken with you from the period affected by the pandemic?

We have learned that it is important to combine strict cost savings with forward-looking investments. Savings were made in a number of areas and yielded results in the second half of 2020. At the same time, the acquisition of INU has given us a new platform for growth. This acquisition shows that opportunities can always be created, even in a challenging market. It’s a matter of seeing the opportunities that are there and capitalizing on them.

We have introduced a new business system in Beijer Industri and will complete the change of business systems in Lundgrens in 2021. The main advantage of these investments is that they will allow us to further improve our delivery reliability. For example, inventories are now updated in real time. Our office sales staff know exactly which products are in stock and therefore have better sales support in their customer contacts.

I also think our employees demonstrated an enormous amount of understanding and determination in the spring of 2020, when the effects of the pandemic created uncertainty. This was the single biggest reason that we can look back on this year – despite all the challenges – in a positive light.

Staffan Johansson, President of Beijer Tech

Beijer Tech’s business areas

Industrial Products

The company’s industrial products are available in the entire Nordic region. Sweden is the largest market and accounts for 60 percent of sales. There are four major concepts in the business area: Karlebo (foundry machinery, die casting and 3D printing), Beijers (foundry consumables, refractory and grinding), Tebeco (blasting, grinding and deburring) and PMU (industrial service and automation). Other operations include Encitech (electrical components), Norspray (surface treatment) in Norway, Preben Z (surface treatment) in Denmark and Beijer (foundries) in Finland.

Fluid Technology

The dominant operation is Lundgrens, which is present throughout Sweden. A major competitive advantage is the range of fluid technology products and industrial rubber, which comprises 35,000 items. Lundgrens also offers customized and proprietary components. Other operations with proprietary production are Svebab, which manufactures fire and industrial hoses, and Packningar & Plast, which specializes in customized gaskets, seals and plastic components.